Minimum order requirements in order to obtain discounts are at 1000 ounces.

  • Can this be a mix of flavors?  

    • Yes, as long as each quantity is in increments of 25 regardless the bag size. For example 25 - 1oz bags of flavor “A” or 25 - 2.5oz bags of flavor “B”


  • What if I want different bag sizes? 

    • This perfectly fine you can have any combination of 2.5 ounce bags or 1 ounce bags as long as bag counts are increments of 25.  For example 950 - 1oz bags and 25 - 2.5oz (50 total oz)


  • What is the discounted price for minimum orders?

    • 30%  use code WHOLESALE_1000_30_30 at checkout 


  • Can I pre-order?

    • Yes, the only requirement for a pre-order is 30% down


  • Can I get an additional discount if I pay for the pre-order in full up front?

    • Yes, an additional 5% use code WHOLESALE_1000_100_35 at checkout . 


  • Whats the benefit of a pre-order 

    • You get access to the flavors of your choice.


  • What if I want to order less than the minimum amount?

    • You can do this as long as its in bag and flavor increments of 25.  For example 25 - 2.5oz of flavor “A” and 25 - 2.5oz of flavor “B”.


  • What is the discount if the order is less than the minimum amount?

    • 10%
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